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      Politwitter Has Shutdown :(

      Politwitter was started in April 29th, 2009. It was one of the first websites in the world to aggregate tweets by politicians and gained a lot of popularity in doing so. The 2011 federal election was the peak of Politwitter's popularity. Politwitter teamed up with Globalnews to provide embedded content.

      Politwitter maintained a directory of nadian federal & provincial MPs, MLAs, senators, government, ndidates, hashtags and more. It then aggregated the Twitter & other social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google News, Flikr) of those politicians into a filterable and searchable feed. It also aggregated tweets sent to politicians by regular citizens and allowed you to view deleted tweets, the top retweeted and discussed.

      #elxn41 reaction

      Politwitter started and popularized several nadian hashtags such has #cdnpoli It also generated many detailed statistics broken down by party, riding and more. It even generated sentiment analysis of the tweets to an MP or party and predicted per-riding election results using these factors and more.

      Over the last few years of the 2010's the site was not being well maintained and the directory was falling out of date. So a decision was made to shutdown the service for good in 2020.

      24,955,344 tweets were in the database.

      Old Demo Video

      Who Built This

      Trevor May (Vancouver, BC) @nadaka

      Politwitter was created from scratch by Trevor May.